RyanRyan O’Hare, Liverpool

“The Student Diet, I just want to tell you that this is one of the most effective programs to get into shape. This is a picture of how I looked before I started on The Student Diet, and after.As you can see, the results I got were amazing; I lost 63lbs! The best part for me is that it was affordable and I didn’t have to stop eating my favorite meals either, so I could still enjoy my social life as well. I learned so much from this program and loved becoming a student of fitness. I’m now preparing to repeat The Student Diet program in order to reach my target weight which I’m certain I’ll achieve. Thanks for creating a brilliant program.”

Natalie Kay, California

“Loved every minute of this program, the workouts got me pushing myself to the limit. The feeling after finishing a workout was amazing, felt so happy and proud. I didn’t believe that lifting weights would help me lose weight and look toned, I couldn’t have been more wrong! I also enjoyed the home workouts available! Now I cant wait to wear all my new bikinis to show off my new body this Summer.  Thanks The Student Diet! Girls get on this.”


RJ Costales, Waipahu, Hawaii

I truly believe that everyone has to try this program! Not only is it affordable but effective! It lays out your success right in front of you! I’ve lost a total of 21lbs and dropped from a Large to Medium all in 12 weeks! I appreciate the compliments I get from everyone in regards to the new me! It has given me the confidence I need to be a much happier person all because of this program! The best part is the support you get when you have questions! Thanks The Student Diet for everything!


Kristoffer Ynieto, Singapore

I must say, having followed your 12 week routine religiously, I have never felt more confident and dedicated. I never thought dieting would mean not giving up on eating my favorite dishes.

The recipes are also very much achievable and affordable! I now know how to cook, thanks to you!

In terms of workout, I workout in a small gym, and i’m glad that your routines doesn’t require the complicated equipments  (but still very much effective and focused).

Overall, I’m very happy I followed your program. Thank you for being responsive all the time! (Despite the timezone difference) I will definitely continue following your plans, and hope to see more of it!”

kryse before and after


Liam Hayes,  Cardiff

“When I first arrived in University I noticed a lot of the other boys had good physiques and it had become my desire to achieve one myself. However, I had never worked out before, and was too embarrassed to go to the gym as I didn’t know where to begin. I came across The Student Diet and thought it was relevant to my situation, the workout videos showed me what I needed to do, which gave me the confidence to finally start at the gym.

The results speak for themselves; I’m even having other people at the gym asking me for advice now! Great program to follow, definitely recommended”.



Hannah King,  Australia

“The Student Diet has not only helped me with my weight loss, it has also helped me with my confidence. Before beginning the program I was not an outgoing person and wouldn’t socialise very much.  But since joining the program, ive been hitting the gym to do my workouts and met many people there who have the same interests as me. The Student diet has not only helped me get a new body, but also new friends! The response team were amazing through out the program, they would email me back if I had any queries within a few hours or even less with great information. Thank you so much!…Oh did I mention,? I’m vegetarian!”


Mark Dowling,  Manchester

“I’ve been working out for three years, tried numerous diets and supplements but never been able to achieve the lean look that I had in mind. I thought I’d give The Student Diet a go, what the hell, I’d tried everything else!

I was really pleased with the end results, finally with ab definition and the most lean I’d ever been. I really enjoyed this program as the diet and workouts change over the course, which keeps it fresh. If you’re looking for a way to get into shape, then The Student Diet is the way to do it!


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