Are you wondering what’s the freshman 15 weight gain? Or what you should know about the dreaded freshman fifteen before going to college? If so we have the answers for you here along with much more information.

Freshman 15

Lets get started with the 2 most common questions we get from people who find this section of our website in search of information about many different topics. The first one being What is the college “freshman 15” weight gain thing that everyone is talking about? And of course that is usually followed by ”Is the freshman fifteen real?” Let’s start this off by keeping it all as simple as possible. The freshman 15 is a term or expression that has been increasingly used by people in the United States as well as Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and some other countries as well to explain or “label” the idea that students often gain weight (about 15 pounds or so) when they first get to college as a freshman. The actual range of weight gain in freshman students usually spans from 3 pounds all the way up to over 20 pounds but this does not happen to every student. There have been many expert studies done by doctors, scientists and large universities on this topic proving legitimacy to the idea. On the other hand many people seem to think it is a myth. Also consider that the average person in the United States gains 3 pounds per year anyway. Although most college students do actually gain more than that and some people gain much more than others because they have a hard time adjusting their lifestyle. It is not uncommon for students to get completely overwhelmed quickly with a totally new schedule and completely different surroundings. Having new classes and professors, new roommates and neighbors, new job and activities, new schedule etc. All of these changes or new situations can create a lot of stress and it is important for you to to be in control. Either way there is no reason to put on extra pounds if you don’t have to. And you don’t because it is totally up to you!

Going to college for the first time as a freshman is one of the most important times in your life. This can often be intimidating or difficult. Many people find it overwhelming at first. College is a completely new environment, which will generally lead to changes of habits and routines in different ways that frequently result in a person gaining weight. Some of these main habits you should be aware of and pay extra attention to include: schedule, diet selection, sleeping patterns, increased stress levels and alcohol consumption. (More information for you in the next section below.) Although colleges and universities are beginning to help educate students on the causes and effects as well as many other related issues it will still always be up to you to keep your mind and body healthy. One way or another you will always get back out what you put in. If you are truly serious about your education and health well then there is no better time than right now to start improving how you take care of yourself.

Another commonly asked question we often get from concerned students is what are some of the freshman 15 causes? Or what causes the freshman 15?

If you found our site looking for information on the web about what actually causes the freshman 15 pound weight gain you have come to the right place. Our team has done a great job of putting together as much helpful information for you as possible. We have a lot of good answers for you right here and you can feel free to contact us anytime with any other inquiries that are not covered on this page/website. First lets consider that there is many factors that can contribute to or cause weight gain in general. Below is a list of the main things to consider and why they are important.

    • Keeping a Good Schedule – This is one of the key factors to consider. Keeping a steady or balanced schedule is one of the most important things you can do in order to keep your mind and body healthy. This is true for everyone not just students. You should try to stay in control of your schedule as much as possible because when you regulate your body it helps to keep everything in proper order or “running efficiently”. Often college students have a hard time with this because there are so many new events, engagements and responsibilities. This is especially true for freshman. Your body works on systems and processes and likes to be on schedule. Also remember that keeping a good schedule can help with the rest of these other important factors listed below.
    • Maintaining a Healthy Diet – No more healthy home cooked meals by mom ready at the same time every night? Things are about to change and being prepared can make all the difference in the world. Diet is a huge contributor to weight gain obviously. Before you laugh, consider that many people don’t think about how much their diet will change when going to college or more importantly how much influence it does have on your mind as well as your body. Eating healthy foods on or around the same schedule every day plays a huge role in how you feel and how your body functions. This includes energy, emotion, ability, coordination etc. Unfortunately the choices for healthy food can be limited. Often the choices of food for college students only include things like: fast food, sandwiches, deli food, pizza, cafeteria food and other low quality options. While eating these things in a limited capacity is not going to kill you it is very important to avoid falling into pattern where these are the only things you eat. It is very important to get some healthy food in there as much as possible.
    • Good Sleep and Sleep Routine. Getting good sleep and staying in a good sleep routine are both very important factors to consider in relation to why people gain weight when they first get to college. This is true for several reasons. Lack of sleep can make you crave food. Hunger is actually controlled by two things. One of these things is called Leptin, which is produced inside your fat cells. This less of this your body produces the more you will feel hungry. The other is called Gherlin, which stimulates hunger while lowering the amount of calories you will burn in the digestion process. This ultimately increases the amount of fat that your body thinks it needs to store at the time. If you are not getting enough sleep then your body is simply not producing the proper amount of these two hormones. This makes it very hard for your body to stay stabilized and ultimately this is the real reason why it is very important to not only get enough rest but good consistent rest.


How Much Sleep is Necessary for College Students?


Ok now let us cover how much sleep is necessary for your body to function at a high level. The debate usually settles between 7 and 9 hours for someone with a busy schedule. Obviously this is different in each person and especially in college students. Either way it is important to figure out how your body works and how much sleep it specifically requires in order to keep you sharp; both mentally and physically. If you have ever been up all night and then had work or an early class but you just didn’t feel sharp then you can understand this concept. Not getting enough sleep will often leave you feeling tired, confused or make you think and function at a slower rate overall. It can also leave you feeling less motivated and has a lot of influence over your mood control. When you are tired you will usually have a much harder time controlling your mood and keeping your emotions balanced. Frequently people can get frustrated easier and have less control over emotional reactions when they don’t get good rest. A good sleep routine allows your mind and body to repair and regulate itself better on a daily basis; which is a very important part of how you function as a whole. Something interesting that most people do not realize is that lack of sleep makes you crave food including snacks throughout the day. Not only are you more likely to eat more often but also less likely to refuse unhealthy food or cheap snacks. This happens because your body is trying to make up for not being at 100%. You are simply looking for more fuel to “get the body where it should be” in terms of performance. The problem here especially for students is the lack of quality food and snacks around when you need them most. Also schedule plays a big role here and while a good diet routine is certainly important it is often hard to keep a regular eating routine based on schedule. This is where things get tricky and you need to figure out how you can balance your schedule and eating routine. Make sure you are getting good rest no matter what your routine is from day to day. Many experts believe that if you get good sleep it will help your body age better than if you don’t.


  • Exercise. The general rule of thumb is that getting 60 minutes of medium to high-level physical activity every day can help the body in several different ways. It can help you look and feel better. It can help strengthen your immune system to defend against illness and disease. Something you will very much appreciate later in life is that it helps you age well too. Getting good exercise is a very important factor to help students avoid the freshman 15. Everyone knows that exercise is good for the body but experts opinions and recommendations vary regarding the answer to 2 important questions about keeping your body healthy and not gaining weight. The question first being ”How much exercise is necessary?” Then the second being “What kind of exercise is necessary?” While the recommendations from experts vary you can be 100% sure that exercise does play an important role in weight gain. The general rule of thumb is that getting 60 minutes of medium to higher-level physical activity every day can help the body in several different ways. It can help you look and feel better. It can help strengthen your immune system to defend against illness and disease. Something you will very much appreciate later in life is that it helps you age well too. Below we will go into a little more detail.

    Look and feel better. Getting at least 60 minutes of good exercise helps you burn calories and this is obviously a very important part of weight regulation. If you are taking in more calories than you are burning than you should expect to gain weight. If you are burning more calories than you are taking in then you shouldn’t have to worry. The risk is obviously different in each person.

    Keeps your mood stable. Your body will produce more endorphins when you are getting good consistent exercise. Endorphins are chemicals that help you feel more positive emotions such as: happiness, being at peace, contentment and other similar feelings. This is especially helpful for people with any kind of emotional issues such as depression, low self-esteem, even lack of motivation or other similar problems.

    Helps regulate sleeping patterns. Getting enough sleep is important but many people don’t consider how crucial it is to get consistent “regular sleep” (on schedule) and how this can play a very important role in many parts of your life. First, if you are not getting sleep this can make you irritable, frustrated and short tempered with certain kinds of things or situations. It can also make you feel less energetic or make you feel generally lazy. Not getting regular sleep has been known to and lower motivation and many kinds of energy levels.

    Helps strengthen your immune system. It is very important to keep your immune system strong so that your body can fight disease and illness. If you are not getting good exercise you could be at risk of Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure, depression and more. Experts believe that these kinds of problems are becoming increasingly concerning with college students over the last several decades.

    Helps both men and women age better. For most college students this is not a priority at first. It may not seem important until it is too late. The good news is that it is never too late. If you start now you can avoid things like Osteoporosis, a condition where the bones get weak which is more common in women. Getting good exercise can help keep your bones strong. Ask your grandma or great grandma how important this is later on in life!


Alcohol – Increase in alcohol consumption is a large contributor in college freshman gaining weight. With all kinds of beer and especially cheap beer being the most popular choice this one of the main contributing factors.


Although there are other factors to consider these are the main things where you should keep your focus to avoid the freshman 15 and gaining weight in general. Again, this is true for all people but often even more crucial for students. Getting control of and staying in control of these factors as much as possible should help you keep off extra pounds not only while you are in college but also for the rest of your life.


How to Avoid the Freshman 15?

Another common question we get is “How can I avoid the freshman 15?” There are many things you can do in order to avoid the freshman 15 and gaining weight anytime during your college career. Some methods work successfully and others simply don’t work as well or have no positive effect at all. Not everyone gains weight but some people do. Either way it is up to you. There are usually many factors that contribute to people gaining weight in a short period of time. Most experts believe this happens to freshman at a higher rate consistently. Our team here at The Student Diet believes this is not a phenomenon. It is all about your mindset and actions. A wise man once said: “action always beats intention”. Ask yourself these questions.

    • Am I eating healthy?
    • Am I exercising enough/properly?
    • Am I sleeping good?
    • Am I over stressed?
    • Am I constantly behind schedule?

Are you eating healthy?? Eating healthy always plays a very important role in gaining weight as well as mental and physical performance. Some foods help you think and focus better, give you more energy and provide many other positive benefits. Some food can actually help control your mood and energy. However, usually in life you will find that when there is good there is usually bad to consider as well. Many foods do have a negative impact and for college students this makes up a large part of their available selection. This makes it especially hard for students to eat healthy.


Do you get enough good exercise?Everyone knows that getting good exercise is important for the body but most people don’t why or how much it can impact your every day life.


Do you get enough regular sleep? This is a very important question that you should try to remember to ask yourself on a regular basis.


Do you ever feel over stressed or anxious about school? Feeling more stress


Do you find yourself running late and always behind schedule? ABC

Frequently this is because not only is this (college) a new way of life for most students but there is also an elevated level of stress, responsibility, accountability and of course a newly found freedom. Sure we celebrate the freedom and that’s when the real party starts but it is also important to remember to take care of your mind and body. Being responsible starts with you.

If you want to avoid the dreaded freshman fifteen you should take care of yourself. Your mind and body work together a lot more than most people consider. If you want to take care of yourself and keep both your mind and body happy there are a few things that can help. First, you diet and schedule is a crucial factor in staying healthy. They both also play a major role in keeping your work up to date and up to the highest quality possible


Freshman 15 FAQ. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the freshman fifteen and gaining weight in college.

This section covers some of the most important freshman 15 FAQ. We get many questions about this topic including things like: Does it really exist? Does this actually effect girls and boys differently and if so how? How can I lose weight afterwards? Below we will cover these and more but if you have any additional freshman 15 questions please feel free to contact us anytime and someone will be happy to get back to you promptly. We are here and happy to help!

      • What are the different effects of the freshman 15 and how it effects your student life? There are many different effects of the freshman 15 besides weight gain. For some students it can be worse than others. It is also important to remember that there are usually other issues to be concerned about also in addition to a few extra pounds. Often this can create a lack of confidence or loss of energy. At this time in your life you should be very confident and full of both physical and mental energy. Also people fail to consider the many health risks of gaining weight in a short period of time or in general. For scholars competing with other students or even just with themselves it is important to stay on top of your game. If you are an athlete this could slow you down in several ways from speed to long-term stamina. Being aware and taking the proper steps to avoid this can very important beyond just controlling how much you weigh.
      • What are the effects of the college freshman 15 on girls? Yes this can often have a stronger effect on girls. Gaining a few extra pounds can be emotionally dangerous especially during one of the most important times in your life.
      • What are the effects of the freshman 15 on boys? Believe it or not many of the most reliable studies proved that more male students gained weight and also that the average number of pounds is higher. Two things that are believed to have the most influence here are changes in food and alcohol consumption. Generally students eat less healthy when they get to college and we all know this is when the real party starts. Guys often drink more than ladies and so this makes sense that it would have a larger influence here.
      • Are all the stories online about the freshman 15 really true? There are many stories and pages online about different people with different experiences. The bottom line is that the only experience that matters is your own and you have full control over that.
      • How do I know which freshman 15 facts are true? There are so many different ideas and beliefs about this. It is important to make sure your sources are credible and also always a good idea to check multiple sources. If you have any specific questions you can always feel free to contact us and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. Usually we can provide and answer or some helpful links to where you can find good information on the question to help you find the best solution for your concern.