Results of The Student Diet may vary, and the testimonials given are not to be taken as typical. All testimonials are authentic, with all photographic evidence showcasing the results The Student Diet diet-plan and fitness regime can offer if followed closely.

Like all forms of physical exercise, The Student Diet includes an inherent risk of physical danger as a result of body-weight exercises, weight and resistance training and high-intensity cardiovascular routines. The Student Diet should not be undertaken by those suffering from any heart-related ailments or illnesses, the medically obese, or anybody with a physical condition which could be aggravated by strenuous physical activity. The Student Diet contains certain aspects which may require a strict monitoring and/or restriction of calories consumed, and so should not be undertaken by those with physical or physiological conditions which could worsen as a result of rapid fat/weight loss.

The Student Diet should not be taken as any substitute for proper medical consultation – participants should consult a physician before undertaking any exercise or nutrition program. Refer to full legal disclaimer for further details.

Full Legal Disclaimer

Archetypal results from completing the Student Diet workout plan may include:

In order for The Student Diet’s results to be as successful as possible, participants should ensure that the workout and nutrition plans are completed in tandem with one another (further ensuring better results while simultaneously providing safer exercise management). Failure to correctly implement The Student Diet’s nutrition and fitness plans together can provide intangible results, which can be reflected in terms of fat loss, muscle gain, muscle definition and any other factors which could prove detrimental to health. The Student Diet does not guarantee fat loss, muscle gain or muscle definition, and any positive consequence as a result of The Student Diet should be taken as an exception, rather than a given outcome. Although The Student Diet strives to improve the physical condition of those who undertake it, it is still fully possible that fat gain, muscle loss and a loss of muscle definition can be experienced following the given nutrition and fitness programs. Due diligence is required by those who participate in The Student Diet.

Testimonials Disclaimer

Testimonials found at are unverified results which have been forwarded to The Student Diet by participants of The Student Diet program in good faith, and may not reflect the typical participant’s experience in terms of health effects or outcome. Individual results provided from an external third-party source should be presumed to be more reliable and/or credible than those testimonials submitted to The Student Diet should not be held accountable for any errors or omissions in results information provided by external third parties – although The Student Diet strives to provide the most up to date nutrition and fitness information, new products/innovations may require further testing and time to ensure that they are safe, accurate and appropriate for practice.

RISKS OF PRODUCT USE: The content provided at/by is not a substitute for personal and professional medical consultation or care. None of the diet plans or exercises should be performed or otherwise used without clearance from a physician or professional health care provider. The information contained within is not intended to provide individual physical or mental health advice whatsoever, and should not be relied upon in such regard. Those behind The Student Diet are not medical professionals, and none of the advice or content given should be accepted as such.

[The Student Diet is not intended for those with any pre-existing mental or physical conditions, and so those who participate in it do so entirely at their own risk (although it is strongly recommended that they do not). The Student Diet (like any physical exercise or nutrition plan) comes with its own inherent health risks which could also be apparent for those in a good state of health.]

Additionally, The Student Diet is designed to help with rapid fat loss, with an important component involving the lifting of heavy weights (to be done at the gym or at home if you own any of the equipment needed). Such an activity comes with inherent risks, which are only increased with poor physical health or poor form. Such risks include muscle-pulls, -tears, sprains, dislocations, and a number of impact and resistance injuries. As well as the physical exercise program, the diet aspect of The Student Diet also includes risks associated with cooking food (including raw meats and/or poultry) and operating cooking equipment.

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REFUNDS: As well as adhering fully to UK trading regulations, has gone through several phases of review to ensure participants are provided with a detailed explanation of the program’s contents and the commitment required for its completion., therefore, are under no obligation to provide refunds as we do not offer money back guarantee.