Sleep Deprivation Leads to Weight Gain


Think you can maintain a weight loss diet and expect optimal results without adequate sleep numbers every

night? The chances are you cannot. If you are one of those people that just can’t seem to attain any

substantial results from your diet, then read on. This may be the resolution to your problems.



Sleep popularity is declining! Sleep deprivation among Americans is becoming an epidemic on a national

scale. In its wake, sleep deprivation leaves a broad path of destruction in the form of rampant obesity and

indiscriminate weight issues. It is not designated to any particular economic bracket, gender, age, or

designated to any specific economic bracket.


Sleep deprivation is a condition of the modern world we live in and the demands on our lives that the world

makes. Giving up sleep is the apparent price for the fast paced lives that we currently exist in. As life becomes

more demanding every day from the professional level all the way through a personal scale, sleep is placed

on the back burner. Its level of importance degenerates and declines ever more drastically. The whole idea of

sleep is being shifted as a commodity of convenience rather than a necessary function. It seems to be the in

thing for sleep to be ignored, resisted, and consistently not given its rightful acknowledgement.


Surviving on too little sleep is totally impractical but seems to have become a rite of passage with bragging

privileges for most people, although it is not an advisable practice on any level. Grasping the entirety of

its important reality, establishes a firm resolution that no matter how advanced we become; sleep is still and

always will be a necessary function. It impacts our lives on every level. It is a key ingredient that helps

stabilize our mental functions, engineers emotional balance, and elevates our physical wellbeing. That is why

sleep is a direct remedy in the process of generating the ability to lose weight and maintain our ideal physical



Dieting and Sleep:

Establishing the connection!

Most notoriously, sleep controls our metabolism. Too little sleep slows it down and sufficient sleep elevates

your metabolic rate. Past that, it has a direct impact on your endocrine system in the form of hormone

productions, the hormone levels you sustain, and the ability to maintain them at an even keel.


Sleep, or the lack thereof, also directly has the effect to be a counter-productive ruler over certain portions of

our emotional responses, such as stress. That is the way that sleep connects within us. Upon establishing

those facts, let’s move forward. We will now venture into the process of fully understanding why sleep

directly affects our bodies this way.


Advancing beyond the knowledge that sleep deprivation affects your ability to or not-to lose weight is a key

tool for gaining a complete weight loss effect. This article will educate you with the facts and explain how

sleep deprivation promotes weight gain on every pertinent level.


Your Metabolism:

First and foremost, sleep deprivation critically impacts your overall health by decreasing the functioning

levels of your metabolism. Just to avoid any miscommunication your metabolism is the solitary necessary

function that generates life; for every living thing. Anything that directly decreases your metabolic rate,

automatically enables a deteriorating cascade effect throughout your body.


In relevance to weight gain, sleep deprivation immediately influences the accumulated levels of adenosine.

Adenosine is a natural chemical by-product of your metabolism and your bio-rhythm. In normal levels, under

regular circumstances adenosine serves a positive purpose. This is the chemical that enables your brain to

shift and conscious thought to shut down by interrupting certain neural pathways. In other words, this

chemical induces the on-set of sleepiness.


In abnormal levels the effect is opposite and accumulative. Not only does this chemical introduce the idea of

sleep to your body, that is the state under which it is processed. Under the influence of inadequate sleep

adenosine accumulates and reacts totally different. It will interrupt the induction of sleep as well as other

levels of neural communication throughout your brain.


The results beyond that is a consistently tired existence. Lack of sleep will induce the process of lowering

your energy levels and remitting you into lethargy. Without energy you do not sustain physical activity.

Without a consistent level of physical activity or exercise, you don’t move. If you don’t move efficiently, you

don’t burn calories, nor incite the consumption of stored fat.


The Endocrine system:

It is common knowledge that inadequate sleep promotes the possibility of inducing Type-2 Diabetes but how

often do you hear weight gain transcribed in that text? Tethering sleep deprivation to Type-2 Diabetes and

weight gain together is a single enemy… the production levels and functioning ability to process insulin.

Insulin resistance induces an intolerance of glucose and that impairs the process of how your body processes

it… or stores it. On a normal level, your brain needs this accessible energy source, it feeds the thought

processes that generates normal survival instincts. An over production of insulin or a resistance to it

immediately upsets the balance of kindred hormone production and processing levels. That is where the

body is solidly influenced to either burn calories then consume some fat from storage or to store that fat as

an accessible energy source later.


Going beyond insulin, sleep deprivation also interjects a depletion in the production of leptin. Leptin is the

hormone that reduces your appetite allowing you to reach a satisfied state. At the same time, sleep

deprivation increases the production of Ghrelin, the hormone that restrains your appetite. In an over-

abundance, ghrelin increases your hunger and interrupts normal sated recognition levels.


It is clear to see how sleep deprivation designates these components to intersect and totally annihilate the

efficient process of weight loss. These hormones control and wreak havoc on the whole process. They rob

you of your energy, then divert your body from processing sugars, increases your appetite, and interrupts the

ability to achieve normal satisfaction levels. Wow!


Your Emotions:

Still tying into that connection, follows your emotional stability. It has long been established that sleep

deficiency defines itself as the perfect incubator for stress. It has also been revealed that elevated stress

levels promote Cortisol production. (Once again the endocrine system.) Cortisol is another hormone that

really isn’t openly friendly in excess; especially if you are targeting weight loss.


Cortisol increases your appetite. In a direct relationship as the elevated cortisol overloads your system you

will produce serotonin. That will induce cravings for fast sugars and empty carb food choices. The end results

from this process, goes without saying weight gain and retention.



Sleep is a beautiful thing that enables you to be a more beautiful you on every level. It is the process by which

your body repairs, restores, and processes. Sleep enables leveled balance within every system in your body.

The lack of it will induce strange occurrences throughout your body, even fool your body into believing it is

under an imminent threat. When this process starts it also is a condition of the metabolic response. The body

perceives that it is starving. That triggers the following response, the body will actually store fat instead of

burning it. In this mode the fat is stored as a reserve for later sustenance when the body feels it may need or

simply just want more fuel without the influence of an alternate source.


The Last Connection:

Exhaustion as a rule incites the urge to eat. It elevates the urge to eat everything and anything that is at hand

and preferably unhealthy. Behind that urge is the driving force to follow that binge of eating you just did with

with sleep. That is a fact that reinforces every detrimental stage created by your body in order to retain

excess weight and store even more fat.


Sleep isn’t just for resting and relaxing your mind. It is an all over complete body experience that restores and

rejuvenates every system from the basic cellular level all the way through your whole body. Weight loss isn’t

anything that can be targeted to a specific body area so therefore it also is an all over body experience that is

dependent on the optimized functioning levels of many body systems working together harmoniously



Ways to Divert the Cycle

There are feasible methods that will allow you to get off the merry-go-round and end the cyclone action of

sleep deprivation in relevance to weight gain first and foremost by allowing yourself to get sleep. The most

highly recognized and practiced methods range from forms of Traditional methods of relief, and Conventional

methods of relief.


Traditional Methods:

Setting a schedule that allows for at least 7 and a-half hours sleep a night sets the precedence for the levels

of rest that you receive. The schedule should include a bedtime that falls at the same time every night. Not

only should you be in bed at the same time, you will also need to rise at the same time. With the adequate

amount of time, this will become a routine behavior and your body will automatically know what to do and

when to do it.


Beyond that if that doesn’t offer you a measured mark of relief you could also try an herbal supplement in

the form of a relaxing cup of tea in the evening. There are several different blends that are specifically

formulated to induce a relaxed state and enable the act of falling asleep in restful bliss.


You can also consider any form of a relaxation therapy techniques such as sound machines at night, relaxing

music, reading, meditation, and or exercise. Don’t forget that diet choices play a key role that balances your

circadian rhythms as well.


Conventional Methods:

Of course if the regular methods of remedy do not offer you relief, there are always alternate methods in the

form of conventional medicine. Some of the methods they use are questionable, such as pharmaceuticals in

the form of sleep-aides, but they are the lesser of the two evils. If the choices, you are reduced to teeter

between the drugs or the lack of sleep in this case the drugs win. As long as you take the remedy in strict

regulation under the prescribed dosage and keep it only to a restricted amount of time then you should reap

outstanding rewards.


Beyond the medications, modern medicine also has some other interesting things to offer. There is

counseling, sleep studies, and other alternate resources available. The main things to remember are to

schedule your time and allot for adequate amounts of sleep. Pay attention to your sleep patterns and do not

hesitate to seek assistance from a medical professional if you notice abnormalities or cannot find resolution

from other avenues.



Exciting News:

These are the facts that concretely embroils these two subjects of sleep and weight loss together. To think of

sleep deprivation and weight loss together used to be an unimagined conjunction. The facts are established

and sustained that there is an indisputable partnership between the two. Understanding this allows us to

graduate the concept of weight loss, control, management, and sustainability beyond the normal. We now

comprehend that it extends beyond portion control, better nutrition, and exercise. Those factors never

worked alone before and they have probably been offering questionable results for you presently if your

sleep levels are below the standard rate. Now there is enlightenment for the final addition to the equation.


It takes a balanced blend of nutrition, portion control, exercise, and adequate sleep intermixed to achieve

adequate weight control. It takes a marked level of sleep to keep your body’s systems at their top

performance under normal conditions.


With the addition of effective weight loss on the platform the important relevance of sufficient amounts of

rest conjures a whole new level of necessary need. Otherwise, you are just going through some unpleasant

motions that are going to render very little reward as a result of your efforts.