Wait…What? You’ve Just Wasted 5 Minutes

Wait…What? You’ve Just Wasted 5 Minutes

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So you sit here reading the title and wonder why you clicked on this article, correct?  5 Minutes, 300 Seconds.  There are 1,440 minutes in one day, so 1/288 of a day.  So 5 minutes for 365 days a years equals 1,825 minutes (Math, I know, you thought you were done with it in grade school). That’s more than one full day a year.

So now since I’ve explained how much time you are going to waste reading this article, let’s move along to after we get done, so we can start fixing this problem.

Lack of Life Motivation

We are now full delved into the age of technology.  Smart Phones, laptops, tablets, televisions, and smart technology is in everyone’s hands, homes, vehicles, and lives.  Even our parents, grandparents, and young children are exposed multiple times, every single day.  But why does this actually matter?  Because all of these technologies can lead and does lead to lack of drive or the basic phrase lack of motivation.

While sitting here reading this post, instead of studying for class/exams/general knowledge, training, working, or experiencing all of life’s greatest assets, you are sitting on a couch, at your computer, and doing absolutely nothing productive.  Am I saying this is always wrong?  (Feel free to stop reading now if you have finally found motivation, or find out why I wrote this, no hard feelings either way)  No, absolutely not, but taking the extra 5 minutes you just wasted and doing 50 push-ups or going outside for a 5 minute run adds up to a lot of time spent (Read the first paragraph if you missed how much).

But now are you questioning your motivation for reading this?  You should be, because finishing the task/objective at hand is THE WHOLE PROBLEM.  I am tasking every one of my readers to read the entire article, make it a learning experience and use it, control it, and (Taken From Patches O’Houlihan in Dodgeball) grab life by the haunches and hump it into submission.  You’re lack of motivation is what is holding you back, the reason you haven’t been to the gym in 6 months, or the reason you are past a deadline either at work or school, so lets change it now and fix the problem.

Correcting the Lack of Motivation Phenomenon

Let me give you a little background.  I work in the public service arena, this is not my full time job(even though I may wish it was).  I come into contact with homeless, low income, wealthy, middle class, all on some of the worst days of their lives.  There is one key factor I always see between the thousands of interactions I have with the community: Motivation.  There are always exceptions to rules, and I try not to classify everyone into one simple category, but the purpose of the post, I have to.

Homeless:  Motivation for most is trying to find their next meal, or their next place of shelter.  Most spend hours upon hours looking for change, begging for money, or drinking themselves into oblivion.  Again like I said, there are exceptions, there are people who choose to be homeless, and people who have lost everything and this does not apply to them.

Low Income:  Motivation is paying their next set of bills, or putting food on the table.  There are some that chose not to finish school, some that could not afford additional schooling, and some who just didn’t have the drive to push any further.  Some think they are entitled to handouts, some work harder to not get handouts and going even further, some need handouts, who aren’t entitled for any (The ones that work their ass off, and still barely get by).

Middle Income:  Motivation is making it to the “Next Level.”  Buying a bigger house, a nicer car, or making it to the upper class.  They were motivated to  push themselves through additional schooling, work hard at their job, whether it be salary or 9-5, and have goals (but not too lofty).  Most are motivated by money, however not as self motivated as what will push them to the elusive “Next Level.”  Most want the 40 hours during a work week to be over with, so they can enjoy their time off, instead of using the time to create an empire.

Wealthy/Upper Class:  Motivation is making even more money, creating the next big idea, and improving quality of life or even the community.  They are motivated, they have pushed themselves in the past (maybe they made enough to retire) or push themselves harder now than they ever did in their previous lives.  They continually work more and sometimes strain their home lives.  They have made it to what most consider “The Next Level,” but they still feel like they need to push further.  They innovate, design, build, ways to make their lives better and more complete.  Their motivation is driven by their creative minds and their will to prove themselves.

So How Do We Change Our Lack of Motivation?

Remember the title of the whole article?  5 Minutes…that is all you need.

  1. Write down your goals: whether it be a better career, a better body, more money, a new product, or something even mind blowing, like a plane.
  2. Plan Your Attack: How many jobs are you going to apply for and how are you going to make your resume stand out? What food you need to change in your diet to obtain the body you want.  Looking for additional jobs or side jobs as some people call them.  If you want to make a new product what do you need?  Do you need a computer, or do you need money or is it available to you already?
  3. Schedule Your Time Accordingly:  If you are going to apply for 1 job a day every day, set aside a set time slot and go, don’t put it off, make a good impression.  Better food means eat before you go to the grocery, you are more prone to purchase junk food and excess food if you need to eat.  If you are going to work side jobs, are you going to mow, or work a part time job, whatever you choose, set aside a dedicated schedule for it.  If you know you have to complete the task at a certain time you are more likely to stick with the schedule.    Building a new product?  Set a block time every day or night with no distractions, no television, no games, and treat it like a job. The more you treat it like a career now the greater your finished product will be in the future.
  4. Execute:  Execute, Execute, Execute.  If you have scheduled your time like I explained above, then don’t give the excuse of “I need to do this…” or “I should be doing that….”  That’s crap and I would tell you that straight to your face.  You don’t “need” to do anything, you “have” to.  If you want to go anywhere in life and you complete the tasks that YOU scheduled for yourself, then you won’t make excuses for what you should have been doing.  If you are reading this still, you are obviously intelligent (or maybe that’s just what I’m hoping, this is a joke), so you want to make your life better, so execute your plan and make it better.


If you have learned anything from this, I hope you have learned that you do have motivation, because you have showed it to me by reading this.  You have also shown me that you do have the extra 5 minutes I calculated for you at the beginning.  So instead of wasting what you think is that measly 5 minutes on watching another YouTube video, or playing another 5 minutes of a video game, do something.  Be active, be healthy, enjoy the environment, read a book, apply for a new job.  I don’t care what it is but if you took the time and motivation to read this article, then you obviously have motivation to improve your life or you wouldn’t have finished it