Yo-Yo Dieting and Fad Diets Don’t Work

The single most common and wide spread symptom associated with ‘FAD’ dieting isn’t the remarkable weight

loss rate that dieters experience. It is the adverse cycle of weight loss and re-gain that people experience. Day

by day the number of people familiar with this lose/gain, up-and-down, never predictable ‘yo-yo’ dieting

reward increases. ‘FAD’ dieting has disheartening long term results and the ‘yo-yo’ effects of weight cycling

also carries its own brand of dangerous health risks.


Why do people ‘FAD’ diet?

It is no wonder people get sucked into ‘FAD” diets. They promise everything that you need to hear when you

are vulnerable. They play on your emotions and induce panicked fear with an eloquent influence. ‘Fad’ diets

are presented in a fashion style that represents them as an ideal source for attaining the perfect body shape

or figure. They claim to be an ideal source of resolution for all of your weight problems and concerns. They

also claim to be a preferable resource of instant weight loss that will render remarkable results.


The company’s, nor the people that represent them as ideal methods are ever held accountable for their

gross negligence and misrepresentation so their reign of misinformation runs rampant and uncensored. They

withhold facts, repot untruths about results, and try to sell a constantly unbalanced lifestyle.

Luckily though, the epic failures and dangerous side-effects of ‘fad’ dieting and ‘yo-yo’ weight cycling are

being revealed and proven.



Health Concerns:

In the past, the ramifications of the health issues resulting from ‘fad’ diets and the ‘yo-yo’ weight cycling have

ruined the lives of numerous people that were otherwise healthy. As new revelations are brought forward,

not only are there ways to break the cycle of ‘fad’ dieting, they are no longer considered as prime alternative

methods of practice for weight loss. This is a discussion that is generated to inform you and hopefully inspire

you in breaking the ‘yo-yo’ effect of bad dieting plans.

There should be governing restriction on what is acceptably viable as a resource for weight loss and/or

control, but currently there is not. That leaves you, the consumer, in the discerning position of managing your

own right now, today, and tomorrow. It is a responsible priority for you, to educate yourself before you make

any dieting decisions because the decisions you make today, will ultimately matter the most. These next

paragraphs are designated to educate you with facts, support all information with common sense, and assist

you in making informed decisions that are in your best interest.


Fad diets themselves promote dehydration and bad nutrition. Without concern they encourage susceptible

consumers to drastically decrease their caloric intake with crazy extreme practices. Consumers are

irresponsibly persuaded to give up certain foods and/or total food groups. They have also convinced

unsuspecting consumers to participate in the consumption of odd mixtures, formula’s, supplements, and



Usually these diets will produce a noticeable marked rate of rapid weight loss quick, but that has proven to

be an ill-fated concept in itself. The weight loss is usually too drastic, too quick, and too extreme to be

maintained or controlled and the return to weight gain is inevitable. Physical distress from the effects of this

‘yo-yo’ weight cycling and repetitive FAD, trendy, or crash diet methods range from maladies that are

reversible and some that are permanent. They can be born in the gastrointestinal tract, the cardiovascular

system, the endocrine system, and generate cellular mutations. There is also a realistically critical

interruption that restricts your metabolic balance. In regular English that means the elevated risk of heart

disease, stroke, developing Type-2 Diabetes, muscle loss, hormone imbalances, cancer, liver disease, and

kidney failure.


If you have been fighting your way through fad dieting and the ‘yo-yo’ weight numbers, there are a few

things that you can do to facilitate repairing the damage. Upgrade your protein intake, indulge in some of the

common superfoods that promote detoxification of your liver and kidneys, and start participating in a

calisthenics routine for re-starting some energized activity within your metabolism.


Avoiding The ‘Yo-Yo’ cycle of weight control:

If you haven’t yet sustained damage from repetitive ‘fad’ dieting or fallen victim to its pull there are

recommended ways that will help you resist its draw. These ideas promote weight control as a source of a

healthier lifestyle rather than a concept in weight loss.


1). Upgrade the standard you accept as a lifestyle.

You can avoid ‘fad’ dieting by adopting and maintaining higher level of balanced nutrition derived from

heathy choices. You will avoid weight loss that is too rapid. Refuse to settle for the bad nutrition, too rapid

weight loss, dehydration, and the unrealistic goals are the average unhealthy lifestyle that these ‘fad’ diets

engage consumers in. Demanding a higher grade of balanced nutrition is a major form of defense that will

completely circumvent any of the risk and adverse effects that ‘yo-yo’ weight cycling creates.


2). Stay firmly planted in a realistic view of the world.

‘Fad’ diets are perfect concepts for dreamers but not for a livable reality. Set attainable goals that you can

maintain long term. Too often people mistakenly adopt whimsical concepts in place of preferable dominant

lifestyles. That is the instance for ‘fad’ diets and ‘yo-yo’ weight cycling.


There is no magic formula or instant relief for elevating healthy weight loss. Your weight didn’t accumulate

overnight and it will not dissipate overnight. Effective weight loss that is healthy and sustainable takes time.

The general rules are to set goals that average at about -2 or 3 pounds a week. One suggestion that is easily

doable is to adopt a workable diet plan.


A viable resource for this is a plan in which you count your calories in macros. This type of weight

management plan offers consumers a variety of food choices, includes every food group, and places

emphasis on balanced nutrition. This is an easily workable style of weight loss that will gradually reduce your

caloric intake with a nutritiously balanced alternative that easily transitions as a workable lifestyle; even on

tight budgets.


3). Be conscientious of health rather than your weight and size.

Admittedly, society does surround weight and size with a lot of hoopla, but don’t let that interfere with or set

the standard for your longer quality of life. Physical activity, food portions, calorie reduction, sleep hydration,

and nutrition are the issues that apply and matter the most on the general broad scale of weight



Conjunctively, how you eat, rest, work, and play are the compounds that make the fabric of your life what it

  1. Plan ahead and prepare for snacking when you shop by acquiring healthy snack choices. Plan your meals in

advance. Pack your lunch, eat breakfast at home, and cook your dinner yourself. That will divert your

cravings, feed your hunger, and let you control your destiny.


Consciously pay attention to your own actions. When you are in states of emotional turmoil, bored, or just

craving something in particular, take another path rather than the one that leads to the refrigerator or snack

cabinet. You could call someone for general conversation and support. You can find distraction on social

media such as Facebook. There are physical methods such as going for a walk, catching up on some chores

around the house, or even going for a short drive. Anything that isn’t harmful and doesn’t lead through the

kitchen is an acceptable alternative.


Of course it is recommended that you elevate your physical activity levels and reserve time for adequate

sleep every day.


4). Don’t restrict your food selections with narrow options.

Cutting back your portions and regulating your calories is much more preferable than giving up the foods you

love. If you cut yourself off from the flavors that tantalize your palate, then you are surely headed for

disaster. That will instill cravings and that is one of the major concepts that ‘fad’ diets include as their form of

a workable concept. Inevitably sooner or later you will have a moment of less resistance and you will

indulge… with relish. That is one more of the instigating factors that results in the ‘yo-yo’ weight effects of

‘fad’ dieting.


5). Space your goals in the steps of intermittent increments and diversity.

Stretch the duration of your success without cumbersome limitations by setting your goals in small

increments. You could start off by regulating your portions, then targeting your macros, make small

reductions in your daily caloric intake and then graduate into the introduction of alternate food sources.


Once you are past these stages with a secure foundation then you can move forward to the next levels like

adapting the perfect exercise regimen. You can practice the art of your menu planning skills. You can also

incorporate a time-frame that allows your day to run smoothly.



In closing:

The company’s that promote ‘fad’ diets are playing psychological games with your mind, preying on your

emotions and risking the long term stability of your health. That leaves the consumer as the pawn. The only

defense you really have is to avert the risk of exposure by freely using this collection of Information. Your

long term welfare and overall health are being compromised in the endeavor of attaining the united states of

the ‘skinny’.